Overview: What is didmos2 LUI?

LUI stands for Ldap User Interface. So it is an interface for users to manage data stored in the didmos2 Metadirectory.

It is used for end users and administrators to manipulate data and user permissions.

Didmos2 LUI consists of three main modules:

There's a set of ore functions in each module, that can be included and it's also possible to extend these module with custom functionality (seeĀ List of features from other projects for examples).


My Data (SelfService)

Group requests (SelfService)

My History (SelfService)

Group Requests (Admin)

User data (Admi)

Branded UI

Feature Overview - Features included into the demo

General features

SelfService Module

Admin Module

Not logged in module

List of features from other projects

This list is growing constantly as we are working on other projects. Most likely it is not a complete list.

Configuration Overview (via docker containers)

The following parameters can be configured via docker environment variables