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Pwd Synchronizer


Small bugs / issues with the most recent release are collected in Known Issues and not included in the Roadmap.

Features Currently in Development


Currently, didmos Authenticator uses the Django framework to enable certain browser-facing capabilitiesdisplay content,, such as the login page. This allows to leverage built-in features, for example for multi languageConsequently, included features of the framework, i.e. multi language, can be used as well. However, the Django framework has a rather large footprint and we only use a fraction of the features. We are planning to redesign these parts of didmos Authenticator to reduce the extend of 3rd-party dependencies.


We're planning to add a comprehensive and easy-to-use browser to for the LDAP directory to into didmos LUI. This browser could be used in various scenarios in the future. Additionally, it could also serve as the foundation to enable displaying breadcrumbs in didmos LUI.


We are planning to allow more finely tuned management of these permissions; for example, such that the operations, that users are permitted to do, can be controlled based on roles or other parametersit will be possible to limit the use of parameters such as "open" or "subscribable" to certain user roles instead of setting them globally for all users.

Another planned addition is to allow for hierarchical group management, i.e. subgroups.


DAASI International is planning to integrate the management of the Decision Point into the didmos LUI module. Thus, so administrators will be able to use the GUI application for role, resource, and permission management.