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  • a SelfService module where a logged in user can view and edit data about himself
  • an AdminModule to administrate all data stored in the metadirecotrymetadirectory. Only accessible for users having certain permissions.
  • pages displayed to the user while not being logged in (such as a page for password reset)

There 's is a set of standard functions in each module, that can be included and it 's is also possible to extend these modules with custom functionalities (see List of features from other projects for examples).


Group Requests (Admin)

User data (AdmiAdmin)

Branded UIuser interface

Feature Overview - Features included into the demo


  • Multi-Tenancy: Several Organisation can use the same system and have separated data sets
  • Password reset via mobile number
  • Account requests: users who want to register must be confirmed before being activated
  • Mass User Import with a CSV -Filefile
  • Data Delete Requests: A user can request all it's its personal data to be deleted from the system
  • other types of requests
  • view request status of own requests
  • List, view, modify and create companies / organisations
  • static info pages
  • other very customer specific functionalities



overview (via


Docker containers)

The following parameters can be configured via docker Docker environment variables

  • OIDC_FE_ISSUER: url where didmos auth is deployed

  • FE_URL: url where didmos LUI is deployed

  • BE_URL: url where didmos core Core is deployed