The following list contains a collection of known issues with the most recent release of didmos2-demo v.2.2.0.

We expect, that these issues will be resolved in one of the upcoming releases.

  • "Admin Tool --> Group Requests --> Archive" does not properly show the group
  • "Admin Tool --> Role requests --> Archive" does not properly show multiple columns
  • "Admin Tool --> Role Requests --> Accept/Reject" does have a missing translation string
  • "Admin Tool --> Group Requests --> Accept/Reject" does have a missing translation string
  • The docker-compose instructions in didmos2-demo-compose/deploy/ are incorrect
  • The example env file in didmos2-demo-compose/deploy is outdated
  • Users created via Social IDPs are missing proper permissions in didmos LUI
  • Changing the "givenName" attribute incorrectly displays a change to both "givenName" & "familyName" in activity log
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